Hello world!

I can’t really describe how it feels to write the first article. Probably, because it’s a mix of so many different feelings at the same time. Gratitude, excitement, happiness, to name a few – but also some fear. It’s such a big step for me personally that it feels a little unreal, too. Maybe even too good to be true.

Of course I am a bit proud as well, but all the more I am grateful for all the people who supported me so far in order to make this launch possible. Many of them were actively involved, others indirectly, some might not even know how talking to them actually inspired me. Every single conversation made me go one step further.

I want to dedicate this first blogpost to all of those lovely people and thank them for all their time, thoughts, opinions, support, effort, knowledge and feedback. While I am writing this, I am becoming aware of how many people this actually are. 

So, a huuuge thank you to my partner, my mom, my dad, my brother, my grandparents, my friends, my Coaching colleagues, the training staff of the Dr. Bock Academy, some people from the creative industry, my previous colleagues from Amsterdam, the Café Grenzenlos, the Kiwis, all the people I met during the whole formation process, and everybody else who offered support in making this happen. Without them I wouldn’t be close to where I am. You brought Goodism to life!

Yeah, there were some complications in the delivery. Allowing people to help you and not trying to do everything on your own, is one important thing I learned since I started with Coaching and personality development. Goodism is an example of what’s possible when when you create a vision, learn how to deal with fears, let go of perfectionism and just go for it. 

I think there is so much more in us when we actually take the time to find out what’s truly important to us.  

Now it’s all about sharing Goodism in order to let it grow and inspire people to add some Goodism to their lives.

I am looking forward to welcoming new followers and partners who want to change a few things!


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