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Goodism Coaching is more than Coaching. It combines individual potentials, skills and interests with the needs of our planet. It empowers woke people and organisations to shape the world of tomorrow. Even if you don’t want to change the world, we can start with your life.

Life Coaching

We all can make our world a little better. Goodism Coaching gives you the chance to meet yourself, to get to know yourself better and to work on your very own topics towards a meaningful, happy life. A life that is not only good for you, but also for the world around you.


It can be an urgent or a long-term matter regarding your health, your job, your family, your partnership, your friends, or any other life-related topic. No matter where you stand, Goodism Coaching accompanies you on your journey to the life you want to live.


Authentic, sustainable business is crucial for success. Goodism Coaching helps you to put purpose before profit, to enable professional fulfillment and to create sustainable change towards a valuable, responsible business. For the well-being of your people, your business, and the world.

Through individual coachings for employees, managers, executives and candidates as well as team coachings, workshops and presentations in the context of professional and personal development, sustainability and responsibility, Goodism Coaching activates people’s own abilities and helps them grow.


Each area of your life as well as its overall context will be carefully addressed in order to achieve long-term fulfillment that feels good to your head, heart, and your environment.

Every person is special, and so are my sessions which are oriented on your personal growth and adapted to your personal own needs.

I accompany you on eye-level, as a life coach and as a human being. With an open mind, real interest, empathy, and discretion. By using my heart, mind and gut.

In order for you to take the next step, we will work on getting clarity, dissolving blockades and conflicts, mastering challenges and creating goals, ideas and actionable strategies.

In a relaxed, but focused atmosphere we give our best attention to yourself. Change is a dynamic process that can be easier than you think and may even be fun.

To make personality development available to as many people and businesses as possible, I offer several possibilities to benefit from coaching even with a tight budget. More information.

You decide how often and how long you want to work on your topic. The sessions can be done in person, online, via phone or in written. A personal coaching can take place at my or your place/office or at any other place you like – no matter where you are based.

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