How Goodism Coaching changes the way of working.

Goodism supports all kinds of organisations who care about their employees and want to act responsibly. Goodism believes that personnel development which focuses on individual potentials and fulfillment in professional life will profit companies in a sustainable manner.

In order to create value for others, people need to be valued and value their own work. Goodism Business Coaching supports people in improving themselves as well as their well-being at work. It focuses on job-related topics, but still sees the whole picture.

The result? Better people and better collaboration, resulting in a greater success of your company. At the same time, positioning your company as an attractive employer.

Below you can find an overview of the services that Goodism Coaching provides for organisations:

Develop people who develop your business

Individual Employee Coachings are suitable for all employees, no matter if starter, professional, manager or executive. 

It helps your employees to:

  • work on professional and personal development topics.
  • get clarity on where they stand, what’s running smoothly and where there is a need to catch up.
  • discover their own strengths, skills, talents and potential.
  • realise and dissolve mental and emotional blockades, or find a productive way to deal with them.
  • get to know themselves better, understanding their own behavior and that of others.
  • know what’s important for them in their career.
  • define personal development areas in order to extend competences.
  • become aware of what’s keeping them from reaching their full potential.
  • identify, analyse and solve problem areas and conflicts.
  • cope with change, stress and prevent burn-out.
  • become motivated to take up challenges.
  • empower themselves to make decisions.
  • find purpose and fulfillment in their job.
  • define goals and make a plan to reach them.
  • grow professionally and personally.
  • feel better and become more successful.
Encourage great leaders who encourage great workplaces

Individual Manager, Director and Executive Coachings are suitable for all professionals who lead a team in order to become a confident, fair and supporting supervisor.

It helps your professionals to:

  • work on professional and personal development topics.
  • take time to reflect their own behavior and strategies.
  • define personal development areas in order to extend competences.
  • identify, analyse and solve their own problems and conflicts.
  • recognise conflicts between others and offer support in solving them.
  • prepare for change and deal with important decisions.
  • understand challenges and develop possible solutions.
  • increase resilience in challenging times.
  • create and pursue an individual leadership style.
  • improve their confidence and leadership competence.
  • become a good speaker, representative, or authority
  • meet their own needs as well as the needs of the team, the stakeholders and the company.
  • improve time management.
  • stay confident in difficult conversations.
  • find purpose and fulfillment in their job.
  • define goals and make a plan to reach them.
  • develop their personality on a personal as well as a professional level.
  • become a successful leader.
Make teams work to make dreams work

Team Development Coachings are aimed at team members and team leaders alike and are suitable for small and large groups, no matter if dual leaderships or whole departments.

It helps teams to collectively:

  • take time to listen to all team members.
  • communicate and discuss openly.
  • overcome challenges.
  • identify and analyse conflicts. 
  • create awareness and understanding for other personalities.
  • generate ideas and create solution approaches.
  • develop strategies for a better cooperation.
  • define common goals.
  • discover and use the diversity of personalities and potential.
  • allocate roles and distribute tasks.
  • activate the self-responsibility.
  • enable a clear communication.
  • improve the working atmosphere and team spirit.
  • increase the motivation and productivity of the team.
  • reach goals and become more successful.
Recruit the right people

Candidate Coachings are for potential future employees in order to ensure that expectations are met on both sides. 

It helps you to:

  • get clarity on your needs and requirements.
  • define the role.
  • create a profile of the ideal candidate.
  • reach and attract potential candidates.
  • identify suitable candidates.
  • understand the strengths and needs of the candidates.
  • select the right candidates.
Put purpose before profit

Goodism offers Individual Sessions or Team Coachings for companies that want to develop their sustainable development strategy.

It helps you to:

  • define and develop the true purpose of your company.
  • find out what your company can do to make a contribution to the world.
  • to shed light on social, ecological and economic aspects.
  • develop ideas for fair business practices and a conscious and compassionate corporate behavior.
  • implement an employee-oriented personnel policy.
  • contribute to environmental and climate protection through the careful use of natural resources.
  • to take responsibility.
  • collect ideas or serious, non-profit engagement such as sponsoring, donations and foundation activities.
  • integrate authentic, sustainable business activities that have a clear relation and fit to your company.
  • make a positive difference by setting a good example.
  • increase your social impact.
  • take your corporate identity to the next level.
Learn, explore & grow together

Next to Coaching, Goodism Business Coaching offers workshops, seminars, trainings or presentations in the context of sustainable professional and personal development.

The topics cover the following:

  • Communication management
  • Vision development
  • Goal achievement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Change, challenge and crisis management
  • Dealing with mistakes and failures
  • Decision-making
  • Resolving blockades
  • Professional fulfilment
  • Personal and corporate well-being & stress management
  • Teambuilding
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Personal and corporate well-being & stress management
  • Teambuilding
  • Corporate Responsibility

The specialty of Goodism Business Coaching is that it always tries to make you a better organisation. All services are oriented on learning and development, balance of interests as well as sustainable development regarding society, environment and economy.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in working with me, I am looking forward to hear from you so we can get to know each other and create an individual offer according to your needs.


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