How do Coaching sessions work?

In my previous articles about Coaching I gave you some ideas about what Coaching is and what kind of topics people work on during the Coaching process. Today, I will tell you a bit more about the Coaching process of Goodism Coaching.

The preliminary talk

The first step of my Coaching process is always a free, preliminary talk – most of the time via phone. This introductory talk is about getting to know each other and clarifying your topic. In this conversation you can tell me about your topic and what you’d like to clarify or change, so I get an idea of your situation. Additionally, I will give you an assessment of the process regarding your topic and address all basic conditions that are important for our cooperation. The goal of our conversation is to help you decide if you want to do a Coaching and if I am the right sparring-partner for you.

After our conversation we decide if we “match” personally and professionally, because the most important thing is a trustful relationship. If we decide to work together, we find a date and place for our first Coaching session.

The first session

The first session takes 90 minutes. Based on our introductory talk, I select appropriate and effective methods for you, which help you to find coherent answers and actionable solutions for your topic.

The approach

Goodism Coaching works with a holistic approach. This means that it not only covers each area of life, but it always looks at your life in its entirety with all its facets instead of just optimising your current situation. Since the different areas of life are interconnected, we also look at your life in its overall context and include your environment (e.g. the system and the culture) and the different roles you have. In this way, we can identify your real needs, enable personal growth, and achieve a true life balance that feels good to your head and heart and that considers your environment. 

The philosophy of Goodism Coaching is based on a humanistic view, oriented on the individual person and its growth. We will be creating space to work on your very own questions in a relaxed, but focused atmosphere – without being distracted or influenced by external factors.

We will elaborate your topic in order to provide clarity and identify your goals. Together, we will collect solution-oriented ideas and analyse what needs to be prepared so you can energetically work towards them. We will find ways to let go of or deal with blockades and limiting beliefs that keep you from taking action. Finally, we develop strategies and an actionable plan in order to achieve your goals.

I am a neutral, professional conversation partner for you who doesn’t judge you or your topic. All information being shared and discussed during the sessions will be treated confidential.

The methods

Goodism Coaching combines new, classical and self-developed methods in order to strengthen you and support you in unlocking your full potential. The methodology combines approaches and insights from the areas of positive psychology, the solution-oriented short-term therapy, systemic therapy, neurobiology, brain research, cognitive behavior therapy, emotional intelligence, NLP, philosophy and mindfulness practice. Additionally, Goodism Coaching applies various communications-, visualisation and creativity techniques.

The way of working is flexible and, if desired, can be complemented by giving impulses and consulting in selected fields of expertise (e.g. sustainability, nutrition, self-employment, marketing).

The location

We can do the Coaching session at different locations or through other media, depending on the setting you like to work in.

We can meet personally in Berlin, either in the Coaching room of Goodism Coaching in Berlin Mitte, at your place/office, go for a walk, sit in a park or another place you like.

If you are not based in Berlin, the sessions can also take place online (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts etc., with or without video), via phone, or in written (e.g. email, What’s App).

There are also options for personal Coachings outside of Berlin. For example, from time to time, I also offer personal Coaching sessions in Flensburg. If you are interested in a personal Coaching session anywhere else, please feel free to reach out so we can look at the possibilities. For example, if a longer journey is necessary, we can schedule a longer Coaching session.

The availability

Since a lot of people only have time in the evenings and/or at weekends, I also offer appointments until 22:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays.

The language

My Coaching sessions can be done in German or English.

The process

The scope and procedure of the coaching will be discussed together with you according to your individual wishes. You decide how often and how long you want to work on your topic. The duration and intervals of the sessions can be discussed individually, depending on the complexity of your topic(s) and your needs. After each session, you can decide whether all your questions have been addressed, or if you would like to have another session for the same or another topic.

There are topics that can be dealt with in 1-2 sessions and there are processes that may take up some more time. On average, there are between 1 and 10 appointments needed to solve an issue. Some people also choose a long-term cooperation for their development with longer intervals. 

If you do not feel well between the appointments, or of you have questions, I am available by email or phone.

If you feel like Goodism Coaching is something you could benefit from, feel free to schedule a free preliminary talk or write me an email so we can get to know each other and find out which approach is the best for you personally.


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