What is coachable? Common topics and occasions for Life Coaching.

Maybe you are wondering if Coaching is something for you and when would be a good time to have a Coaching session?

This article will clarify for whom and in which situations Coaching can be helpful. 

Coaching is for everybody. For young and old. For people of all backgrounds. No matter in which phase of your life you currently are. 

Coaching covers each area of life. That can be your health, your family, your friends, your relationship, your hobbies, your job, your purpose, or any other life-related topic. 

Your Coaching topic can also be about several areas, your whole lifestyle, more freedom or a higher quality of life in general. No matter if it’s an urgent issue or a long-term topic. 

Even if you don’t know exactly what your topic is, but you’re just dissatisfied, coaching can help you make your topic tangible and find out what it’s about and what you can do to achieve more satisfaction.

Another reason for a Coaching can be that you wish to address a personal or confidential topic and you are looking for a neutral, external conversation partner who listens to you and supports you in finding a solution.

In my work I encounter a wide variety of personal or professional development topics. But there is one thing that all Coaching sessions have in common: they always have to do with change. It’s either about a wish for change that you’d like to drive forward or it’s about coping with a given or new situation. 

To give you an idea about possible Coaching topics, here comes a selection of topics around Life Coaching:

Find your purpose
  • Get clarity on where you stand in life, what’s running smoothly and where there is a need to catch up.
  • Find out what you really want in order to find purpose and meaning in life.
  • Discover your own creativity and your full potential.
  • Create your future vision.
  • Develop strategies to get started, reach your goals and go for your dreams.
  • Find personal fulfilment by going your own way and closing the gap between your dreams and your real life.
Get to know yourself better
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Discover your own values ​​and live by them.
  • Achieve clarity and balance by sorting your thoughts, emotions and actions.
  • Realise your uniqueness and strengthen your inner self.
  • Think more positively, feel better, act more self-determined and become happier.
  • Change your mindset and take your personality to a new level.
  • Experience personal growth.
Break through
  • Realise and dissolve mental and emotional blockades, or find a productive way to deal with them.
  • Become aware of what’s keeping you from taking action and reaching your full potential.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself, get rid of self-limiting thoughts and learn how to deal with feelings such as uncertainty, or anxiety.
  • Achieve harmony by dealing with inner and external conflicts and understanding your own behavior or that of others.
  • Empower yourself to make important decisions and solve problems.
  • Increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness by realising your strengths.
  • Start doing the things that make you happy.
Cheer up
  • Cope with challenges, difficult situations and crisis in different areas of life, such as your job, your partnership, your family, or your health.
  • Support loved ones in crisis.
  • Prepare for a major change or important decision in life.
  • Deal with great events like relocation, marriage, starting a family, starting a business, choose a study program, etc.
  • Change your perspective, attitude, or behavior in order to take the next step.
Love your job
  • Find out how you want to spend your time in order to find work you care about.
  • Become aware of your strengths, skills and talents.
  • Get clarity on what’s important for you in your career.
  • Define development areas in order to extend competences.
  • Become aware of what’s keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • Prepare for new challenges.
  • Develop courage and motivation to change something.
  • Reduce stress and prevent burn-out.
  • Solve conflicts with colleagues and/or supervisors.
  • Find purpose, joy and fulfillment in your job or follow your vocation.
  • Make a plan to increase your professional skills, reach your goals and become more successful.

A job-related Coaching can help you, no matter if you are self-employed, an employee, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a starter, a professional, a manager, or an executive. You can find more details about Business Coaching here.

Feel good
  • Analyse your habits.
  • Learn to listen to your body, be mindful, and strengthen your intuition.
  • Find out what’s good for you in order to support your mental and physical well-being.
  • Create a holistic approach to your health that goes beyond nutrition and fitness.
  • Make room for relaxation and recreation and reduce the impact stress has on your body.
  • Harmonise your body, mind and soul.
  • Increase your energy and vitality and become more productive.
  • Keep yourself healthy and fit with the things that are good for you.
Design your life
  • Analyse your current lifestyle across all areas of life.
  • Find out in which areas in life you are currently investing much of your energy and time and become aware of potential imbalances.
  • Get rid of the pressure to perform and of meeting requirements.
  • Create your personal, intuitive lifestyle that is good for you.
  • Enjoy your everyday life and live in balance.
Do good
  • Develop compassion by living consciously.
  • Find out what you can do to make a contribution to the world.
  • Develop ideas for an authentic, fair, sustainable and conscious lifestyle that suits you.
  • Deal well with yourself and the world. 
  • Use your skills and talents to serve others.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Make a positive difference by setting a good example.
  • Contribute to a better world-life-balance.

There are many other possible topics, since the topic and occasion are always individual – so one Coaching session is never the same as another. 

The specialty of Goodism Coaching is that it also always tries to make you a better person. That means all Coachings are oriented on a sustainable lifestyle for you and your environment.

I hope this article made Coaching more tangible for you. You can find more information about what Coaching is and what not here. If you are wondering how a Coaching works, you can read more about here.

If you have any questions, you don’t know if your topic is coachable, or you just want to try out coaching, I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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