Heroes for Heroes – denn Helden wachsen gemeinsam.

Ich freue mich, dass du bei Heroes for Heroes gestöbert hast und mich als deinen Coach ausgewählt hast. Du bist deinem ersten Impuls gefolgt und hast auf dein Herz gehört, dir jetzt endlich Unterstützung zu suchen. Dazu erstmal meine Anerkennung! Du willst deinem Leben eine neue Richtung geben und es freut mich, dich ein Stück auf deinem Weg zu begleiten.

The potential of Coaching in view of the greatest challenges of our time

Coaching is much more than a support to a personally fulfilled life. We can also use the potential of Coaching for issues of pressing necessity, such as sustainability, in order to tackle great challenges through convincing visions and effective strategies. Change starts with each individual. Whether consumption, mobility or energy, everyone can do something. It’s The potential of Coaching in view of the greatest challenges of our time

Goodism Coaching with a tight budget.

Goodism believes that personality development should become available for everybody. Of course, there are several possibilities to read about personality development for free, but sometimes it helps to find a professional Coach to tackle your challenges. In order to make personality development available to as many people and businesses as possible, Goodism offers several discounted Goodism Coaching with a tight budget.

How do Coaching sessions work?

In my previous articles about Coaching I gave you some ideas about what Coaching is and what kind of topics people work on during the Coaching process. Today, I will tell you a bit more about the Coaching process of Goodism Coaching. The preliminary talk The first step of my Coaching process is always a How do Coaching sessions work?

Hello world!

I can’t really describe how it feels to write the first article. Probably, because it’s a mix of so many different feelings at the same time. Gratitude, excitement, happiness, to name a few – but also some fear. It’s such a big step for me personally that it feels a little unreal, too. Maybe even Hello world!